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 MS Publisher Tips, Tricks, & Ideas
 MS Publisher Templates

MS Publisher Tips, Tricks, & Ideas Back to Top
A Page With a View
Learn how to master the way your computer shows your work area. Publisher offers many options to maximize the amount of room you have to work with on your screen, to zoom in and out, and to see parts or the whole of your publications.
Find a MS Publisher-Friendly Commercial Printer
Use this service to find a printer near you who will accept Microsoft Publisher files for printing.
Finding Help on the Web
Here are some great resources for finding help with MS Publisher on the Internet. We also welcome suggestions for sites that are particularly helpful to beginner desktop publishers.
Get a Trial Version of MS Publisher Free
Microsoft Publisher 2003 Trial software enables you to evaluate the product on your system before making a purchase decision. Trial versions contain all the functionality of the regular version, but can only be used for a limited time.
Getting More Out of MS Draw
Some tricks and tips for using MS Draw. In this article, we focus on accessing Microsoft Draw from MS Publisher. There are two ways to do this, with one approach giving you more features and options.
Guide to Using Small Caps
Using small caps (setting text in all capitals using a smaller font size) can be a great technique to set off and highlight sections of text. Here are some guidelines to using small caps and the proper typographic technique.
Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts
A list of commonly used keyboard shortcuts for MS Publisher.
Scratching Around
The scratch area is the space around your page that can be used as a temporary "storage" area for text boxes, graphics, and more. Learn the most efficient way to use the scratch area when you design your document.
The Big Opening
Is there a way to open a Publisher document so that the zoom is set at 100% each time? We answer a question from one of our website visitors.
The Ease of AutoCorrect
AutoCorrect is a useful feature for user of MS Publisher. We show you how to get the most out of this feature, along with ways to customize it to increase your productivity.
Using Text Styles: Making Your Design Work Easier
Learn a simple shortcut to make formatting all the text in your newsletter a snap.
Where Are My Pictures?
Have your graphics or pictures disappeared in your MS Publisher document? We'll show you how to find them again.

MS Publisher Templates Back to Top
What is a Template?
Learn what a template is and how to use it to save you time and work.
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