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Advertising in Your Newsletter
Classified Advertising
A look at the basics of adding classified advertising to your newsletter, including how to write a disclaimer and what types of benefits both you and your readers will receive when you add this type of advertising to your publication.
How to Design a Print Ad
Learn how to design an advertisement for your newsletter from scratch. This is a great service to be able to offer advertisers, especially if you accept ads from small business owners or individuals who have no experience with ad design.
Making Your Newsletter Pay for Itself
In this article on advertisements in your newsletter, we look at obtaining advertising suitable for your newsletter. The following explores several options you have when pursuing advertisements for your publication, including how to connect with advertisers, how to establish your advertisement formats, the best way to help your advertisers prepare their ads, and more.
Your Ad Acceptance Policy
Accepting ads in your newsletter can boost your bottom line. But you need to remain in control of what makes it into your newsletter. Having a well defined advertising acceptance policy allows you to effectively communicate with your advertisers in the event that you must reject an ad. It also allows you an "out" if you feel that a submitted ad would offend your readers.
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