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A River Runs Through It: Avoiding Awkward White Space in Your Newsletter
Rivers of white space can distract your reader and looks sloppy. Learn how to spot these "rivers" and which strategies are best for eliminating them.
Adding Fun to Your Newsletter
Learn how to add some fun into your newsletter by using photos, clip art, word puzzles and more. You'll also find some simple ideas for personalizing your newsletter.
Are You Being Inconsistent?
This article is a look at why consistency is important in your newsletter design. Also learn the best way to implement changes to your design.
Clean Up Your Act: Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your Newsletter
Is your newsletter in need of a good "spring-cleaning?" Learn how to clean up some common design problems. Also included is a before and after newsletter redesign.
Don't Cramp My Style: Uncluttering Your Newsletter
Uncluttering your newsletter can go a long way towards increased readability and a more professional look. It may be easier than you think to clean up your publications.
Flip-Flopping Away
You have a lot of versatility when using graphics, but take heed of this simple warning when flipping your photos or clipart from side to side.
Grabbing Some Attention: Tips for Writing Great Headlines
These tips will help grab your write headlines that will grab your readers' attention.
Growing Your Newsletter
Keep these three simple tips in mind as you begin to create your first newsletter, with an eye towards producing a useful and effective publication.
Head & Shoulders Above the Rest: Rules for Capitalization of a Headline
Find all the rules you need to properly capitalize headline for your newsletter here.
Head of the Class: Giving Headlines the Attention They Deserve
Headlines in your newsletter should draw your readers into the stories and help to organize your newsletter's layout. Learn what size to make your headlines, how to effectively use headlines, and how to creatively place headlines on your page.
Holiday Greetings: Turn Your Newsletter into a Holiday Greeting Card to Your Readers
Rather than sending out a separate holiday card this year, consider using your newsletter as a greeting card. You can personalize it and include a custom message for your readers.
How to Insert Random Text into MS Word
We'll show you a simple way to drop filler dummy text into your MS Word document and discuss the pros and cons of using this technique.
I'm Just Your Type!
A common pitfall for new newsletter designers is to use too many fonts. Although there are many, many to choose from, a wiser design decision is to stick to just a couple or so for your publications. We'll explain why.
Increase Productivity: Creating a Template for Your Newsletter
A template can speed your newsletter production time and provides for consistency in your documents. Learn how to set up a template, what to include, and tips to make using a template easier.
Justified or Ragged Right?: How to Choose
Choosing whether to set your right-hand edge of type in a justified style or ragged right is a choice you'll have to make when designing your newsletter. We explore the pros and cons and provide graphic examples of each style.
Learning By Example: Using a Swap File
Using a swap file can save you time and get your creative juices flowing. Learn what a swap file is and how to use it.
Lorem Ipsum: Complete Version
You'll find a complete version of Lorem Ipsum here. Copy it to use in your own documents.
Lorem Ipsum: Using Dummy Text in Your Newsletter
While you are designing your newsletter, you may find that you occasionally need a type of "placeholder" to use before you have the actual text for your articles. We'll explain the use of "dummy text" for use during your design process.
Pretty as a Picture: Three Things to Avoid When Using Graphics
Graphics are a great way to enliven your publications. But you must take care to use them properly so that they do not distract from your message. Keep these three simple tips in mind next time you are designing your newsletter.
Spaced Out
How many spaces go after a period? Surprisingly, it should almost never be two. If you are still using two spaces after a period in your document, you need to read this article.
Top Ten Things to Avoid When Designing Your Newsletter
Ready to start publishing a newsletter? If you are new to publication design, be sure to read this checklist of things to avoid for first time designers.
Using a Tagline
A tagline helps your readers understand where your newsletter is coming from and helps identify its purpose and tone. Learn why you should use a tagline and read some examples of newsletter taglines.
What is a Template?
Learn what a template is and how to use it to save you time and work.
Writing Effective, Reader-Friendly Headlines
A headline draws your readers in, making them want to read your article and the rest of your newsletter. These simple rules will help you understand how to write the best headlines for your newsletter.
You Ought to Be in Pictures: Add Fun to Your Newsletter with Photos
Photos are a type of graphic that you can provide yourself for your publications. The rise in the use of digital cameras makes this even easier. Read through these tips for using photos in your newsletter.

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