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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Writing a Disclaimer
We provide a sample disclaimer for your to customize and use in your newsletter. This is simply an idea of a disclaimer. Your individual situation may be more complex. To be sure, you should consult an attorney for helping in crafting a disclaimer for your newsletter.
Making Sure They Can Pay
Before you accept a new customer who will be billed instead of paying upfront, you should consider running a credit check. This is a basic primer on what information you will need to collect to successfully check someone's credit.
Solving Your Payment Problems
Although it can happen that a customer simply will not pay you, many payment problems result from lack of organization or a system to track payments and outstanding bills. Here are some tips and guidelines for setting up a payment tracking system, how to get your bill noticed, when to follow-up, and what to do when a client just will not pay you for your services.
Your Ad Acceptance Policy
Accepting ads in your newsletter can boost your bottom line. But you need to remain in control of what makes it into your newsletter. Having a well defined advertising acceptance policy allows you to effectively communicate with your advertisers in the event that you must reject an ad. It also allows you an "out" if you feel that a submitted ad would offend your readers.

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